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Power you can pocket. Literally.

A tiny computer with a big performance.

mini.m next to a pound coin

Pushing the boundaries of miniaturisation, the mini.m (pronounced 'minim') is merely two inches cubed. Yet it packs in almost as much power and as many features as its big brother, the ARMX6. Starting at only £299, the price is as surprisingly small as the computer itself.

Packed with features.

mini.m ports

Despite mini.m's size, RComp have managed to pack in a fast Cortex A9 processor, plenty of RAM, 4K video output and even Gigabit networking. RComp have not forgotten connectivity, either, and mini.m comes with two high-speed USB ports and an eSATA, amongst others.

Hardly needs space. Barely needs electricity.

The mini.m can be powered via the supplied mains lead, or via USB power, since its demands are so low. And at just two inches cubed in size, the mini.m can fit, and travel, anywhere. Behind your TV, in a meeting room, carried in a briefcase with a mobile projector... with mini.m the possibilities are endless.